Love Your Brain

Our brains are magical and mysterious. There is so much to learn about how our brain functions, heals, and prevents disease. What can we do to give our brains the best chance for health now and for the rest of our lives? We do know that a healthy diet can make all the difference.

Fixing the brain starts with fixing the body. The brain is beautifully resilient and can heal when given the proper conditions. Many of us do damage to the brain by consuming processed foods with artificial sweeteners and colorings, MSG, and GMO’s. Not having enough healthy fats, too much sugar and carbs, and low intake of  vitamins and minerals in the diet are important factors to remember.  And, don’t forget the chronic stress, inadequate sleep, alcohol abuse, and lack of exercise.

There is an “Anti-Alzheimer’s Trio,” recommended from the well-known doctor and author, Dr. Perlmutter, with three foods high in “brain-healthy” fat. Grass-fed beef, Avocados, & Unrefined Coconut Oil. This trio is obviously high in healthy fat, but low in inflammatory carbohydrates, helping to reduce systemic inflammation that can lead to so many brain issues. No worries if you want to skip the grass fed beef; the avocados and coconut oil are powerful enough. One of the all-time top winners for brain health is coconut oil, with its rich source of beta-HBA to work magic in the brain. I call it my “Brain Lover”… I use it daily in my smoothies, coffee, tea, tonics, and for my cooking.

Fat needs to be the fuel that we burn, not sugar, which is the most common. Some believe most chronic disease starts with the breakdown of your cells’ mitochondria. It’s important to realize that your brain and body can only be as healthy as your mitochondria.

Top Brain Tips

Exercise High-intensity interval exercise is especially beneficial. Know that the damage that results from lack of exercise is cumulative. The amount you exercise over your lifetime can impact the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer disease. The brain, just like our biceps needs to exercise for stimulation and healing.

Supplements Magnesium is extremely important, as well as B vitamins, omega fatty acids, D3 with K2, and Probiotics. Make sure to buy quality supplements. 

Detox Sweating in a sauna, especially an infrared red sauna, has many great health benefits, including expelling of toxins, improving blood circulation, and improving mitochondrial function. Research has even shown that regular sauna use may help stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Heavy Metals Ditch the fluoride in drinking water and in your toothpaste. Contrary to what some believe, fluoride is toxic to bone and brain cells and is associated with reduction of IQ in children. The best way to prevent cavities and keep your brain healthy is a healthy diet, with a concentration of nutrient-rich green vegetables.

Set Yourself Up For Success Put aside a few hours on the weekends to cook some meals and snacks for the week. Hard boil a dozen eggs, bake chicken breasts or wings, cut up your vegetables, put raw nuts and seeds in mason jars on your kitchen counter, and wash your fruit. Then, you have NO excuse to consume processed foods or high carbs.

Little steps add up!
Try for 100% organic.
Buy fresh, buy local, and enjoy your greens.