Virginia Beach Nutritionist Jen Van Horn

I began working with Jennifer in 2015 after I was diagnosed with an unusual autoimmune condition. After exploring top medical facilities I realized my best prescription was nutrition. Although I considered my diet to be healthy, I realized another level of expertise was my opportunity to heal. This is where Jennifer shines! She is a wealth of information pertaining to oxidative stress, epigenetics, healthy metabolism, mitochondria, environmental toxins and DIET. At the core of many diagnoses our bodies have become out of balance and unable to find homeostasis. She worked tirelessly with me to help restore my health. She is kind, compassionate, smart and pays attention to all details. She is more than a nutritionist. She is very well read in many components required to restore and maintain health. She does not disappoint. 

— Patty A.

Jennifer has been a tremendous help to me and my family! Her knowledge of nutrition is beyond what I anticipated and she is generous of heart and mind. She is a natural-born healer, for sure. Her positive vibe and encouragement are just as beneficial to one looking to make a change, and she is with you every step of the way, with empathy. She starts out with baby steps as to not overwhelm, but knows exactly when you are ready to take on more. I admire folks who walk the walk, and Jennifer is leading the way!

— Vicki C.

Virginia Beach Holistic Nutritionist Jen Van Horn

Virginia Beach Nutritionist Jen Van Horn + Cleanses

For years I thought my lack of energy and weight gain were due to being a woman who had just hit “that certain age.” I struggled with diets and strict regimes that offered little success and was really beginning to feel defeated and destined to be overweight and tired forever. Then I met Jennifer. She helped me target my own personal problem - which turned out to be due to a food sensitivity and the need to consider a liver cleanse. 40 pounds lighter, and with amazing energy, I realize that age is not what need define our health. We can be happy, healthy, and fit at all ages. Thank you Jennifer! 

— Jen R.

I have been seeing Jennifer since June 2016.  She works with my lifestyle and thanks to her common sense approach to healthy living, I’ve lost 50 lbs.  I’ve kept the weight off for a couple of years and my blood work continues to improve.  Not only does Jennifer know nutrition, she is a wonderful person to be around.  I drive from North Carolina to meet with her and I highly recommend her services! 

— Barbara Y.

Virginia Beach Nutritionist Jen Van Horn Testimonial

Virginia Beach Nutritionist Specialist

I have used Jen for nutritional advice for ten years. She is amazing. Always willing to listen and help me. Even with my crazy lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your health, I would highly recommend Jen for all your healthy eating and supplement needs.

— Mark R.