Don’t Count Calories, Count Chemicals

One of the critical factors that people trying to lose weight most often miss is how  environmental toxins -- from chemicals in food, beauty and home products, and even the air we breath in our home, can stand in the way of total health and weight loss. Toxins interfere with your appetite control and fat management functions. They can keep your appetite turned on while instructing your cells to store fat. Fat is a protector of your body, so more toxins equal more fat! 

The so-called fattening chemicals can range from hormones and antibiotic fed of the animals that you consume, to the cleaning products you use in your kitchen, or the artificial sweeteners in your diet drinks. To prevent and reverse disease and control your weight, you must limit your exposure to toxins. When the amount of toxins coming in exceeds our capacity to detoxify them, the result is toxic overload and disease. 

Virtually every chemical found in our food appears to have a significant effect on at least one of the major weight-controlling hormones. These chemicals tend to increase the levels of insulin and steroids, while reducing the levels of the “slimming” hormones such as thyroid, growth hormones, and catecholamines. Catecholamines (hormones such as, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine) control our appetite and set our energy levels. 

Most processed foods in jars, cans, and packages contain MSG and other food additives in one form or another, which will interfere with your efforts to lose weight and be healthy. MSG stimulates the production of excess insulin, which we all know has a number of negative side effects --- inhibiting fat burning and increasing sugar cravings. 

Every time you buy a processed food, whether it’s dessert, breakfast cereal, candy, prepared frozen meal, or a bag of chips, you most likely have no idea how many chemicals are really in that food. Worse, you have no idea what its doing to your body! Eating genetically modified organism (GMO) foods presents risks with unknown dimensions! GMO are unnatural and completely unsafe, but they are still over 75% of the foods sold in the U.S. supermarkets.  The best way to avoid these is to eat organic as much as possible, 100% would be best. 

Remember, food labels do not list toxic chemical residues, such as mercury in tuna or the pesticides and hormones contained in meat and diary. Start educating yourself for you and your family’s health.  Switch over to organic foods, eat plenty of fresh and local produce, drink pure water, exercise, use organic beauty supplies, and use natural cleaning products for your home.



Jen Van HornComment